Day 1

A few things of note on my 1st day of barber school. Namely:


1. My commute. In Los Angeles, it’s normal to spend 2+ hours a day driving to and from work. My new London commute is a tranquil 30 minute walk along houseboat-lined Regent’s Canal.

Sure beats morning gridlock on the 101/110/10 freeways.


2. The barber academy. Our school is located inside Gents of London, a bustling barber shop in central London. The shop itself has a great old-school vibe, and they rock a killer playlist all day long (lots of Northern Soul & Madchester classics).IMG_9854


3. Kate. Each of us received a full barber kit and a mannequin head named “Kate” with super long hair, on which we will practice our sectioning, cutting and clipper technique bit by bit, until she is sporting an army-short buzz cut. I dubbed mine ‘Kate Tastrophe’.

Kate Tastrophe + my shiny new barber kit

4. Papi! Our main instructor and barber overlord for the next 10 weeks is Papi Georgiou, a 3rd generation barber from East London. I’m pretty sure he would like me to mention that he is a very fashionably dressed gentleman scholar, or something like that.

IMG_9863 (1)
Papi, our main man.


5. Technique. First things first: Forget everything you thought you knew about scissors. We spent a good chunk of time practicing holding the scissors perfectly level/still and moving the blades with our thumb, which is WAY harder than it sounds—the whole class struggled with it at first.

Next, we practiced a scissor-over-comb combo. Again, way harder than it sounds. Finally, we moved on to sections and splits, because this is my life now.

Practice makes less imperfect.


Lots of information to process, and there is tons more heading our way.

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