Day 3

Everyone Hates Kate

I have some very lovely human friends named Kate, but if I ever meet another mannequin Kate, it’ll be all out war. I’m fairly certain she’s knotting her synthetic hair up on purpose.

At our current rate of trimming (approximately 0.001 mm snipped off per round), it could take years to even out the slightest inconsistency in Kate’s lob.

As soon as we finish one round, Papi checks our Kutwerk™, approves it, then says “well done, looks great. Go again.”

I’m living in the barber student version of Groundhog Day.

My inner monologue

Just to break the monotony— and to preserve our sanity— Papi demonstrated a zero fade on our fellow student. Every step he cycled through looks methodical, logical and precise.

In other words, there is NO WAY I’ll be able to replicate that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then it was back to Straight Cuts With Kate. Shoot me now.

A very unflattering picture of me plotting Kate’s trip to the rubbish bin.

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