Day 4

The Fringe Festival

My hate-hate relationship with Kate Tastrophe is morphing into mild affection, now that she’s sporting a proper lob. Sectioning, trimming and double checking the cut moves so much faster without mermaid-length plastic hair.

Now if only I could master the comb transfer issue. Scissors never leave our cutting hand, so the comb has to toggle back and forth between hands while we’re sectioning and trimming.

At present, my method of comb transfer is… not graceful. More like an amateur juggler who keeps dropping everything.


Another student guinea pigged (that’s a verb, right?) for today’s hair demo, featuring longer clipper guards (#3 and #2). After two demos in 2 days, the general flow of men’s cuts is becoming clearer.

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All of this was the educational part of today. The real entertainment happened next:

My fellow lady student was in dire need of a bang trim (“fringe”, they say here). At some point Papi agreed to trim hers up. But once she hopped into the barber chair and Papi grabbed his scissors…

… he had second thoughts. We thought he was kidding at first, seeing as he grew up in barber shops. But women’s bangs/fringe is outside his wheelhouse.

He popped into the back office, where several pro barbers were hanging out, and asked if any of them wanted to do the honors.


So I volunteered, and their reaction was priceless. The pro guys came out of their office to observe the process, as if I was performing open heart surgery. The tension was palpable—it felt like no one except us ladies was even breathing.

I did my usual thing (asked her how she wanted her bangs to lie and where the start/end points of her bangs should be, as she wanted an angled cut). Then snippity snip, they were done.

Voila! Le Bang Trim

Afterward, I said “gentlemen, your balls may descend now.”

Pretty sure I earned some macho points for stepping up to the plate when none of the professional barbers with 10+ years experience would take a chance on girl hair.

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