Day 5

Dance Magic Dance

Monday Jan 11th 2016: The day we lost our favorite alien, David Bowie.

Since Gents Of London is closed on Mondays, we students took over the shop’s stereo system and paid tribute by blasting one Bowie album after the next.

Everywhere I went, London was doing the same. The entire city was in mourning.

It’s also the day we started learning round layers, which for some of us is akin to another ring of hell. Round layers are all about angles & unifying hair length as it follows the natural curvature of the skull.

Totally makes sense on a real person with short hair. On Kate, not so much.


The real bitch is cross-checking our work, as some straggler hairs inevitably slip through the net (er, comb?), only to emerge during Papi’s cross-checking of our cross check. Those sneaky, bastardly little hairs!

The only way to catch 100% of straggler hairs.

At some point my eyes felt cross-check crossed, so I slipped away to a coffee shop up the street. The shop’s name is ‘Ground Control’, and they too were blasting the Bowie soundtrack of our lives.

Goodbye for now.


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