Day 6

More round layers, wall to wall Bowie coverage in the news dailies, and I finally figured out where I can purchase physical copies of the New Yorker here in London (I’ve been fiending).

I’m kicking myself a little (a LOT) for not picking up a few daily newspapers, as they were ALL Bowie tributes and would have made great souvenirs for my friends back home. I went on a mission to track down some copies the following day, but they were long gone.

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My fellow student Danish Daniel was in the hot seat today as Papi demonstrated a different way of doing zero fades— top down instead of working up from zero. Top down starts with the highest blade # (a 2, in Daniel’s case) and works down to the zero from there.

Danish Daniel is already digging his fade.

Some barbers prefer this method, while others like to start out by marking the zero line and then working their fade up toward the crown from there.

I have a feeling I’ll be more of a zero + line person, but I won’t truly know until I get my mitts on some clippers, and them clippers a-buzzing on a live model’s head of hair.

At lunchtime, we stumbled past maybe THE best name for a barber shop ever. BEHOLD:


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