Day 7

Fringe Fest 2

I achieved a personal milestone of sorts: I cut my own bangs/fringe, for the first time ever. And I didn’t totally jack them up!



A classmate pointed out that my new shorty bangs + knit winter cap make me look like Noddy, an English elf cartoon who was big in the 90’s.

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In barber academy news: Round and round and round we layer. Kate’s hair is firmly in bob territory now, which is exciting because the shorter it gets, the closer to clipper action we are.

All but one of us nick ourselves with barber shears on a daily basis; I am thinking of dubbing our journey ‘Battlescar Galactica’.

I thought it might be handy to pick up some bandaids (i.e. “plasters”, which I’m still not used to calling them). The pharmacy offered two bandaid options: Plain cloth or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I chose both, of course.

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Now when one of us injures ourselves, we say “I need a turtle”. It takes the edge off, along with staunching the flow of blood.

Both the UK and USA have big lottery drawings this week, so much of our time in class was spent discussing how we will spend our 55 million pounds or 1.5 billion dollars if—or WHEN— we win.

Matching yachts for all of us are at the top of the list, obvs.

An artist’s rendition of me winning the lottery.

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