Day 9

Topbox Level Unlocked

Our day started with round layers as usual, but we soon veered into a skin fade demo (those things are crazy complex, no wonder they cost more!), beard trim demo (with what little beard our fellow student Lawrence can grow*), and a quick primer on various men’s grooming products and how to best select one for each client’s hair type.

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Right at the end of the day, we finally finally FINALLY started working on Kate’s topbox.

Every day for a good week, I’ve been asking “When are we gonna do topboxes? Today? How about right now??”, like an impatient 5 year old.

Topboxes are the cornerstone of barber technique, which I’ve been dying to get into. I mean yeah, it’s probably really good for our training that we spent so much time perfecting longer hair techniques and cross-checking our work. But I’m so over Kate’s long hair– I wanna be cutting dude hairs already!!

Sectioning le topbox

Looking forward to TopBox Mondayz™.

In the meantime, Danish Daniel and I are planning a field trip to Papi’s papa’s shop over the weekend. His grandparents founded a barber shop in way East London and his dad still runs the shop; Papi cuts there a few Saturdays a week just to keep it in the fam, as does his cousin.

*Sorry Lawrence! It’s the joke that keeps on giving!!

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