Day 10

Topbox Mondayz

This year’s race for US president has me all fired up— there is only one candidate that I really want to vote for, and a whole lot of contenders that I do not want anywhere near the steering wheel.

The final debate between Hill-dawg and BernBern was scheduled for 6pm PST on a Sunday night, which is 2am London time. Not wanting to miss the final showdown (and maybe hoping to send a little cosmic support to Team Bernie), I woke up at 1am and dutifully plugged in my headphones to listen. By 3:30am I started to fade, so I missed the last few moments of the debate.

Needless to say, I was feeling the Bern— and the sleep deprivation— on Monday morning, so I decided to represent my main man all day.

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The barber shop is closed on Mondays, which means us students get to play DJ. Of course I’m all over that, and today we found the perfect thing: Ana Calderon’s hip hop playlists on Spotify (look her up for a guaranteed good sonic time).

Is there a better way to start the week than by singing along to Khia while practicing topbox cuts? I think not.

Kate Tastrophe began the day rocking a 1960’s era Beatles ‘do; by the end, she had veered into 1980’s Don Johnson territory. PROGRESS!

EOD Kate be all like…

The most exciting part of our day came toward the end, when we finally ripped open our many boxes of barber kit gear and set up our stations.

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Gents Of London uses classic black towels for their clients, while academy students use blue towels for ours. I’m not too stoked about the blue towel look for my station, so on my way home I popped into a Danish Modern store in search of jazzier fabric to use as my barber station towel.

By happy coincidence, I met a woman there who used to work with Vivienne Westwood; her design studio is nearby and she has loads of vintage fabric. Hopefully sometime this week I’ll be ordering custom barber station towels from her.

Overkill? Maybe. Worth it for a super adorbs barber station? Yes totally, 100%!

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