Day 11

Scissor Fades For Days

Much of day 1 was spent learning to move our scissors and comb in alignment with each other and man, was it awkward. I felt like I had flippers for hands.

Me on the first day of class.


Today we learned the reason for all that awkwardness: Scissor over comb!

‘Scissor over comb’ is key to polishing off a great haircut— it smooths out any remaining traces of lines or unevenness from clipper work and makes the whole haircut look truly ace.

It’s a difficult task to master, as we simultaneously move a comb through super short sections of hair with one hand, while hovering our scissors with the other hand and taking off minute amounts of hair along the way.

Papi refers to it as “taking off the whispy bits”, but I prefer to call them “the careless whispers”.

Cue infamous sax solo

Practice was not without injury— I made a pizza slice-shaped nick on my middle finger, which I mended with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bandaid (fittingly). But it’s worth it, as Kate Tastrophe is sporting a true buzz cut now, and the back of her head has been scissor-over-combed to velvety smoothness.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I stopped into an artist’s loft on my way home to select fabrics for my custom barber station “towel”. The designer (Alexandra Mann) had a dazzling array of printed fabrics in bold colors, many from Africa. She is best known for the wonderfully imaginative handbags she designs and sews, several of which were just featured in the window of Liberty.

After digging through stacks of fabric, we decided on a two-sided combo: Dark denim made out of recycled coffee bean husks on one side, and a cool vaguely Southwestern white/blue/yellow pattern on the other.

It’s probably overkill to commission a towel for my barber tools, but I can’t help it— I want my station to have flair!

Later in the eve, I headed to XOYO to catch my friend Dean’s band Cheatahs before they go on tour. I’ve seen them a few times in LA and they always deliver, but their set last night was the best show yet! The club was 100% packed, and everyone in the crowd was a mega fan.

Cheatahs! (Dean is the one in the middle)

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