Day 12

Go Clippers!

It’s strange how the things you dread can become your absolute favorite. Scissor over comb is one of those things for me (see Day 11 for deets). My first time scissor-over-combing around Kate Tastrophe’s head was confusing with a sprinkle of “am I doing this wrong?”, but by my third time around, I was finding the process of removing careless whispers— dare I say it— FUN!

Still, I’ve been begging Papi to let us bust out the clippers since day 2 or 3, because I have the patience of a flea. Finally finally FINALLY, my wish was granted today.

The mini clippers are adorbs. We use them for cleaning up edges (around the ear & neckline), “bonus back hair” eradication, and fine-grained blending work on zero or skin fades. It’s a form of sculpture with hair as the medium, so of course I dig it.

Not sure why they come with plastic brass knuckles?

The Wahl Super Tapers we got (2000 series, so they’re extra fancy) are like a 1950s Cadillac: Big bold curves, shiny chrome exterior, and they vibrate louder than a massage chair in my hand. I think I’m in love.

Wahl Taper 2000 Chrome Clipper-600x600

We’re tackling the remainder of Kate’s hair in stages, based on clipper blade lengths. We started with a 4mm into 5mm fade (some dudes will know what I’m talking about) and then give her the full haircut to match (top box cut/texture, even out sides, even out triangles, blow dry, then scissor over comb to fine-tune).

We only had time for one round of clipper practice, but it’s already my new favorite thing alongside scissor over comb.

Tomorrow we will keep going until she’s got a zero fade, and then Friday… REAL ALIVE HUMANS!

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