Day 13

Bye Felicia!

We did it— we got Kate’s hair down to a zero fade and officially bid her adieu at the end of class today. I don’t think there was a wet eye in the house, as all of us are rarin’ to move on to real people.

Which we are doing TOMORROW. Eek!

Lots of prep went into today, and a bit of nerves as well, since we all want to be at our top game for live human cuts. I did several rounds of full haircuts on Kate, including clippers at a gradually lower grade. For the last hour of class we got into zero fades, which even on a mannequin is quite gratifying.

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To break up the day (and sharpen up his game for our weekly Friday eve student/teacher outing), Papi got a skin fade from Greg, who works upstairs at Gents Of London. It’s interesting to see how each barber’s methods differ.

Greg used to work for Murdock, a high end barber shop chain based mostly in London, so he’s been through their employee training in addition to the schooling required to become an NVQ 2 certified barber.


Greg’s method of knocking out the longest and shortest grade lines first, then working on transitioning from there makes intuitive sense to me. As a totally untrained haircutterist, my instinct has always been to work on the back and sides first, and leave the topbox trimming and blending for last.

We’ve been learning to work topbox first, but Greg starts in the back, working forward to each side, THEN moves on to top. Overall his methods felt pretty natural, and I can’t wait to try out his method as well as the others we’ve been learning.

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I’ve been craving a proper burrito experience, but unfortunately they don’t exist in London.

I settled for a street stall burrito, which features such lowlights as: plain white Panda Express-style rice, drippy liquid “guacamole”, and the spiciest salsa was nearly indistinguishable from ketchup. I think I’ll stick to Indian food until I return stateside!


Practicing a zero fade on Kate was fun, but I think we won’t truly get the knack of it until we’ve practiced on live human hair a few times. Danish Daniel said I can try out skin fades on him once we learn cutthroat shaving, so that will be fun.

I wish I knew a houseful of boys that would let me experiment on their heads at night!

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