Day 14

Our First Human Clients!

A Friday to remember, if only I hadn’t spent half the day blacked out with excitement.


First order of business: Setting up my fancy new barber’s cloth, which couldn’t have turned out better.

Alexandra did a wonderful job; the cloth fits my station and tools perfectly. It’s nice to have a little extra padding under my clippers, which are quite hefty. Also, the patterned side reminds me of home (it’s got an American Southwest-ish vibe).

My fancypants barber setup

Next, it was time for us to hurry up and wait. Two clients were scheduled for the morning session, one for each student group. Since there are 5 of us, we will spend our first week cutting in groups of 2 or 3, swapping places between each step.

For some of students, it would be the first time they’ve ever touched scissors to human hair. Personally, since I started cutting and dying dude hair in high school/college (granted, without a clue about proper technique), I was more nervous about using clippers and making sure my overall process was up to code.

All of us huddled in the shop’s office awaiting clients. The first to arrive was for my group, and he most definitely put my new clipper skills to the test. He had a mane of thick wavy hair— I failed to nab a true “before” photo, but you can see how long his top hair was, and extrapolate from there.

See all that business up top? The sides & back were that long too.

His first request was a 5 grade on the sides and back.

“HOW??” I thought to myself, as I hovered near his brunette cloud of hair, scouring the thick mass for a logical point of entry. Finally I just dove in with my clippers, and carved a path of hairline around his skull. My results are visible in the picture above— cleaned up sides and messy professor hair on top.

We took turns tackling the rest of the stages, including each of us scissor-over-combing one half of his head. The whole process took 2.5 hours, which is kind of insane.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


He was super happy with his sharp new look. I couldn’t resist taking a selfie with him.

Happy client, happy barberette-in-training.

We blew right through lunch while working on our first clients, and the afternoon bookings arrived just as we were wrapping up, so there was no time to eat food before round 2. Running on fumes is the new normal for us, apparently.

Our second guy wanted a scissor cut all around, which is totally in my wheelhouse. I will admit a little envy at the other group’s 2nd client— they got to do a de riguer proper fade on theirs, which I am dying to try my hand at.

By the time we finished up for the day, most of us were fainting from hunger. So we did what any self-respecting barber student/teacher group would: Headed to Wetherspoons in Angel for some cheap ‘n’ greasy fish & chips & beer.

(For the uninitiated, Wetherspoons is a Denny’s-esque chain in the UK that features slot machines peppered about inside, for customers who wish to relax with a pint and a gamble.)

Two friends from Berlin were en route to meet up with me for a weekend visit, which was exciting. The three of us ended up in a much later night greasy chicken & chips joint, where we encountered a posse of truly fantastic New Romantic Goths.

NewRo Goth Tribe

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