Day 15

2nd Day, 1st Flake

I showed my Berlin buddies around the barber shop/academy this a.m., then bid them adieu and got down to business. Which in this case was waiting around for our first clients of the day (I’m sensing a trend here).

Sadly, one of the morning client flaked on us, so good sport Lawrence took one for the team.  He let two of us give him a touch up from his Papi cut the other week, which was great clipper practice for me.

Lawrence looking stoic as he gets cleaned up around the ears.

Our 2nd client of the day (but really, the first one who bothered to show up) asked for a zero fade. I was stoked, because a zero fade is at the top of my “to learn” list!

Unfortunately, since we switch up steps between students and I had done the clipper work on Lawrence earlier, I could not claim clippers again on this round. That’s the main downside to sharing a haircut— I don’t get a chance to do everything every time.

The end results were great though, and it’s always helpful to watch and learn when I’m not the student working on a particular section of the cut.

We be trimmin’
Daniel gets low with his scissor-over-comb stance
Zero Fade: Complete
Da crew (from Daniel’s snapchat)


We’ll be ramping up to 3 cuts per day starting Wednesday, and soon thereafter we will move on to doing the full hairdids ourselves. I can’t wait!!

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