Day 16

So Over Scissor Cuts

Patience is a virtue. One that I often do not possess.

I should be enjoying the relaxed pace of 2x haircuts a day, as it will be ramping up soon. Tomorrow actually, to 3x cuts per team. But my impatience issues makes it really, really difficult to wait my turn during each cut.

I’m even more eager to dive in on some serious clipper work, since my experience prior to barber school was 100% scissor cuts. Using clippers is new and shiny to me, while scissors feel more old hat (though they shouldn’t, as I’m learning to use them in totally new ways right now).

Therefore I found it immensely annoying that BOTH clients today wanted scissor-only haircuts. I wanna use my clippers nowwwww!!!!!!

Me in class today

The first client was truly a piece of work, follicularly speaking. He claims his last trim was in October, but that unruly mane told another tale. We whacked off a good 2 to 3 inches and he still had a ton of length on top.

Once the top, sides and upper dome of his head were done, my challenge was trimming and tapering the spectacularly long now-mulleted back of his head/neck. Which took me longer than all the other steps combined, due to sheer volume and density of his hair back there.

Client #1 mid-cut

Three hours later, we finished his epic scissor cut. Just in time to miss lunch!

The next guy had less daunting hair and a smaller head, but because AGAIN it was a scissor cut (and also he had a bit of a shitty attitude), I kind of lost interest. I know that’s bad, and repetition is good b/c it builds muscle memory.

But I’m a brat and I REALLY want to use my clippers!

Here’s hoping that tomorrow brings me some clipper practice. At the very least, the day will revolve around 3 separate clients. Though if they’re ALL scissor-only cuts, I really might stab one of them.

Something nice: I passed a floating book store/library on my walk to school. Here are some pics to cleanse the palate.

So many books, so close to so much water.
A lovely reading bench, unless you suffer from motion sickness…

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