Day 17

Action Jackson

Today was the polar opposite of yesterday. Seriously, it couldn’t have been more extreme how different the two days turned out.

I was being a whiny brat yesterday (in my head, at least) because I really want to try my hand at clipper work and fades, but kept landing Yeti-pelted clients who wanted scissor-only cuts instead.

Yesterday’s clients

Well I can stop whining now, because my wish was granted and then some.

By the grace of hair gods, our first client sat down and immediately said “I want a zero fade”. Hallelujah and thank you baby jeebus!


I could tell he’d be cool because he and I were wearing matching all black Converse low tops, and I’m shallow enough to judge someone’s character by their shoes.

If you wear these, I like you.

Of course I had no idea what I was doing, so Papi had to walk me through each step of the fade. I also discovered that I have a Fade Action Stance™.


It’s much harder to see the microscopic lines on  a fade when I’m the one clipping, rather than observing. Definitely something I need to do a bunch more of, in order to acquire an innate feel for how to make and then erase micro lines as I go. Still, I got it done!

Me in (fade) action

The rest of the haircut was easier (partly because we shared it), and it was a bit of a relief to get my first zero fade out of the way, if only because that takes me one step closer to maybe sort of knowing what I’m doing… hopefully… in a few weeks…


First Fade: DONE!

Our 2nd client was super sweet and tall, with really interesting stories. He was just in WeHo (random!), and before that Honduras, working as a volunteer microeconomics counselor. Say what??

He had a grown-out disconnected cut with super long bangs. He wanted to take it about an inch or two shorter initially, but partway through cutting his topbox, he decided to go large.


Go large by going short, that is. So we ended up rocking out a shorter top blended into a high tight fade on one side (the side his bangs used to fall on), while keeping the disconnect on the other (parted) side. It turned out very avant garde and he loved his new look— it’s the first time he’s had short hair in 3 or 4 years, and he looked great!


Today our bookings increased from 4 clients a day (2 per group per day) to 6 clients (3 per group). So I have a 3rd fella to discuss.

The 3rd client was a lovely Spaniard from Madrid. I forgot to get a true before pic (the one I snapped is post hair wash but pre cut). He wanted us to just take it in and neaten it all over, but he likes to wear it messy and non-combed.

Which is totally in my wheelhouse— that’s basically the ONLY kind of cut I’ve been capable of giving people all these years.

We scissor cut his hair like crazy, and it turned out quite dapper. He was very happy with his results (though we had to keep handing him his glasses whenever we asked him a question. Apparently he’s incredibly blind without them).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So we were 3 for 3 today: Three haircuts, three happy clients who walked out of the academy ready to hit da club.

And zero lunches for me, because I was so busy with back to back cuts that I had neglected to eat anything all day, aside from the one banana I’d eaten first thing in the morning.

I ended up scarfing down my lunch for dinner (though some folks call lunch “dinner” here and dinner is “tea”, so that gets confusing), then raced to a yoga class, wherein I soon realized that eating so close to class time was a bad idea. I fought the urge to throw up every time we held plank pose 😷

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