Day 18

Turning Up The Heat

Some days, I’m a sneakers (‘trainers’ to the English) and black jeans kind of girl. Other days, I apparently dress like a cross between Lydia from “Beetlejuice” and Mike Myers’ ‘Sprockets’ character from 1990’s SNL fame.

Beetlejuice/Berliner vibes

Our first client today was a super sweet guy from the Isle of Man, which where Manx cats come from. Don’t ask my how or why I know that Cat Fact.

He just wanted a clipper/scissor tidy up with low side part, and was super sweet as we three-teamed his head.

One hazard we hadn’t anticipated was his habit of turning his head to look at me whenever he was talking. He was soft spoken but quite chatty, so in order to keep his head still while the other students worked on their sections, I wound up standing behind him in the mirror so that we could converse without someone taking a chunk out of his hair every time he spun his head around.

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Next up was a planetary sciences major, who had quite a thicket of hair on top of his head.

He wanted a 4 grade on sides & back with topbox combed back from the front (no side part). That was the first time I have done a purely backswept (non-pompadour) haircut, so it was interesting. LOTS more hairs to cut with a ‘do like that!

The last guy who came in freaked me out a little with his obviously fake colored contacts. They were an intensely artificial blue/green, which on someone as naturally tan as he was, made him look like an extra from “Cat People”.



He had a high almost-disconnect fade and then SUPER long hair on top. He didn’t want us to touch the top, just re-clip the fade and trim his beard to match. So I got to do all of that myself, which was fun!

Papi also let me do the whole entire clipper work section at once before he checked, instead of doing one small step at a time.

Outwardly I was like “yeah sure, no problem.” Inwardly, I was more like…


That’s another thing: As of tomorrow (Day 19) we will each be doing our own full haircuts on clients. I’m so excited! And also a little terrified!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, and I’m sure it will be nice for Papi too, as he can step back a little and just check our work in more broken out segments, instead of having to check each step as we go.

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