Day 19

Flying Solo

Today we went full Amelia Earhart: It was our first official day doing haircuts on our own.

First solo scissor flight

Apologies in advance—I was so hyperfocused that I forgot to take any pictures of my own handiwork. I’ll have to use pics I found on the internetz as an approximation of my clients.

We also dipped into theory a bit, as we’ll be taking 5 written tests in addition to practical work, in order to qualify for NVQ Level 2 certification in barbering by the end of the course.

I’m not sure what the American approximation of that would be?


I only got a few pages into theory work before enough clients arrived to fill all 5 barber chairs.

First up was a super sweet guy who resembled Prince William, complete with some balding on top. He asked for a grade 1 into 2 on his back & sides, and then trimming just the whispiest tips off his downy topbox fuzz, so he could fluff it up and make his hair look fuller. I was happy to oblige.

Whereas Papi previously had been checking our work stage by stage, today he had us do ALL the clipper work before calling him over to inspect, including mini clipper clean up around the ears/neckline.

Seeing as I failed to snap even one “after” pic of my 1st client, here is the next best thing:

Client #1 (as played by Wills in the TV movie version)


My 2nd client of the day came in and immediately asked for a scissor cut all over. Dagnabbit!

It’s not that I mind scissor cuts in general, but:

1) They take way longer than clipper cuts, especially right now as we’re still getting our technique dialed in, and

2) I want more clipper practice! #firstworldbarberproblems

The client himself was super sweet and kept chatting about comedy shows (both live sets and the TV variety), which is way up my conversational alley. However, he got really really squirmy toward the end.

I tried my best to scissor over comb with his head dodging this way and that. I nearly took a few chunks out of his head with all that wiggling!

Client #2


While I didn’t get to do any clipper work today, I DID play with blow dryers a little, as he wanted his fringe styled to go up and over in a mini-pomp.

Oh, how I wish I could spend a day practicing different blow dryer looks on some fellas, so I can really nail the many different techniques!

Training wheels are OFF!

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