Day 20

The New Normal

Now that we’ve been cutting our own clients for one whole day, I’ma start acting like that’s what we’ve ALWAYS done.

Solo haircuts? No bigs, totes normal for us.

Oh, THAT old thing?

On that note: I had 2 clients back to back, both wanting similar ‘dos and beard trims.

The 1st guy had super curly hair and knew exactly what he wanted:


A 2 into 3 fade on the sides/back, and scissor cut on top w/ longer fringe to wear pushed up and back. Add texture to make his topbox less voluminous, a squared neckline and everything but his goatee/mustache combo gonezo.

Fading and scissor cutting went smoothly enough, except I took his neckline a touch higher than Papi would have recommended. The client was cool with how it looked, but for me that’s still a bit of a sticking point.

An even bigger sticking point? The whole beard trim process.

For some reason, I just can NOT get the order of everything right once I finish the haircut and move on to beard consultation. Papi went through it with me twice today (with clients), then again afterward so I could write down notes for myself.

Even my notes are kind of a disaster. BEHOLD:

It’s not rocket science.


My second client was fascinating.

He told me how he has used The Secret to manifest good things in his life, and also described his intensive Muy Thai training. Two interests which could not be more opposite!

He also wanted a fade + scissors hairdid, though we took his much shorter on the sides & back (he wanted to see some skin through his hair).

Obligatory BEFORE (top row) & AFTER (bottom row)

At the tail end of our day, we got a surprise: we’ll be taking our first test tomorrow morning. It’s multiple choice (yes!!!) based on the reading packet we were supposed to read front to back (WHOOPS, haven’t read beyond the first 2 pages yet).

En route home, I wandered past The Hunter S, a pub possessing more taxidermy than Donald Trump’s son (backstory: Drumpf’s son kills elephants).

I sat under a stuffed water buffalo and worked on answering practice questions, so here’s hoping I don’t fail tomorrow!

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