Day 21

Testy Situations

My university days are so far behind me that I’ve completely forgotten how to handle super basic student-y things, like taking a test. So my initial reaction to prepping for the first of many NVQ Level 2 tests was mild panic.

Eventually, though, I remembered that the internet is our best friend.

Girl using computer 34
Artist’s rendition of me studying for our NVQ quiz

I ended up getting 4 answers wrong, BUT: I will argue that for 2 of those, according to my extensive Google research, I actually answered correctly and the TEST was wrong. Good luck arguing that with the NVQ test-writing board though…

Anyhoo, after all that test cramming, I was eager to get back to my chair for some haircuttery.

Luckily, both of my clients today were up for fun cuts (I’m in an experimental phase; I want to try out haircuts that are more challenging/in style, even though I’m still working on getting my fades nailed down).

The first guy was fascinating—he’s learning Arabic and will be studying abroad in Alexandria, Egypt soon. He also speaks fluent Russian and seems to have lived basically everywhere on the planet in his barely two decades of life.

Most impressively, he agreed to let me give him a blended disconnect, which I’ve been dying to try out on someone.

The disconnect part was fun, and he had a solid idea of how short he wanted the sides & back. Until this barbering course, I had no idea that so many guys have this knowledge. They’ll sit down and say “I’d like a 3 into 4 on the sides and the top just a bit longer” like it’s no thang. Many of my clients are more expert at clipper grades than I am!

Here’s the obligatory before and after:



The 2nd guy was from Liverpool, so HELLO BEATLES ACCENT.

His hair was amazing—the texture was stick-straight, but so thick that it stopped up my clippers several times. As he described it, his hair “doesn’t grow long, it grows OUT”, so he wanted me to cut it super tight, but leave the fringe considerably longer so he can push it up and over.

For THIS cut, Papi gave me a new “usual”, which is: “Do the whole entire cut, then call me over”.  Um, ok?


We got to work and as I mentioned, his hair was fighting back against my clippers. Once we got to his topbox, though, my life got much easier.

It was a fun challenge to leave his fringe longer, since we decided to go a little more dramatic/less gradual with that and the onus was on me to make it LOOK and ACT gradual in his final cut.

The end result from 4 angles:


I was ready for a 3rd client but sadly, there weren’t any more booked for the day.

HOWEVER, starting tomorrow, there are a LOT more clients booked throughout the day—15 if I recall correctly. So I will need to speed up my cutting time considerably if I want to get 3 (or maybe even 4???) clients in one day. Wish me luck!


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